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Header image showing a selection roasted platter, roasted shellfish and lobster mayonnaiseHeader image showing a selection roasted platter, roasted shellfish and lobster mayonnaise

Seafood Delicatessen & Gift Shop open 10 am ~ 8.30pm Thursday to Monday (closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays until further notice)

Adjacent to our Deli & Gift Shop is our worldwide shellfish distribution centre. After being caught locally by our own fishing boats, the shellfish is stored in these tanks, where the water is pumped continuously from the cold clean sea-loch on our shore. This allows our Chefs to access the freshest possible west coast seafood for the Restaurant and our Deli before exported to various UK and global fish-markets.


Our Tanks : stock live lobster, langoustines, crab, mussels, various clams, scallops and oysters. We also have fresh and frozen fish . (Please note that owing to fishing conditions, product availability can change.)

Our Deli Counter : Includes cooked shellfish, smoke salmon , Scottish cheese , our own mayonnaise  & Shellfish platters for all your self catering and picnic needs. 

We have an off licence so can sell our expertly chosen wines , local ales and local gins from the shop.

Pre-order a box of cooked or live seafood on ice to take home. The ice will keep everything fresh for up to 12 hours.

If you cant get a table in the restaurant you can grab a sandwich or some seafood from our shop , and enjoy at one of our loch side picnic benches.

The Gift Shop : Our business ties with Spain inspired us to import specialty items for sale.

We have a range of the coloured Spanish cookware, which we also use in the restaurant. These colourful and practical oven to table dishes are made in a small pottery north of Barcelona and are ideal for slow cooking in the oven or on the hob.

We import the wonderfully fruity arbequina extra virgin olive oil , which we use as dipping oil for our bread in the Seafood Cafe and sell in various sizes ion the shop.

Our paella pan gift sets include:  paella pan, paella rice, olive oil and the spices. Add to your basket some fresh shellfish from the deli counter and you are ready to create that delicious authentic dish.



Seafood Deli & Gift Shop Products